What is the PP material?

PP, also known as polypropylene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications. Polypropylene belongs to the group of polyolefins. It is a white, tough, flexible, mechanically rugged material. PP material also can be made translucent when uncolored but is not as readily made transparent as polystyrene, acrylic, or certain other plastics. It is often opaque or colored using pigments.

What is the PP material

PP material performance characteristics:

• Resistance to fatigue

• Resistance to corrosion

• Resilience against most forms physical damage

• Heat resistance

• Resistant to fats

• Resistance to all organic solvents,apart from story oxidants.

• Non-toxic

• Highly colorfast

• Withstand the heat in an autoclave

• Recyclable and has the number "5" as its resin identification code.


Therefore, the plastic packing products are made from this main raw material. It was dropped the most common shaping technique is injection molding, which can produce many different shape and capacity plastic products such as the plastic bucket, plastic pail, pastic container, plastic barrel and plastic bottle. And those plastic packing are applicantion it for medcial,building material, food, wasting, Coating, painting and so on with the many different industry. It can offers various of packing options to satisfied with the different packing needs.

Many other commotidy are made with polypropylene precisely because it is resilient and resistant to most solvents and glues. We could find this material products(cups, cutlery, contianers,housewares, automotive parts and so on) in our daily life, which to brings convenience to our life. In the meanwhlie PP material is the eco-friendly and recyclable to improve the cyclic utilization rate and its enviormental benefits. We known that PP material is widely produced commodity plastic. It effects to our daily life a lot. So the sales of this material are forecast to grow at a rate of 5.8% per year until 2021. This is singal for the market needs, and clients are prefer to choosing for this material for their products packing or storage.

Post time: Oct-15-2021

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