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Mould Customisation

Professional Mould Design Team

Our company’s professional team has rich manufacturing experience and technical knowledge. They are familiar with plastic buckets’ characteristics and production processes and can design custom molds that meet customer requirements and specifications.

Whether it is the shape, size, or other specific requirements, our team will work closely with you to ensure that the mold design meets your expectations and your needs for plastic buckets.

Mould Customisation

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment & Processes

We have invested in advanced equipment and processes in custom mold manufacturing. We use computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology for mold design. We have advanced CNC machining equipment and heat treatment facilities to ensure mold accuracy and quality. We emphasize material selection and work with reliable suppliers to ensure that high-quality mold materials are used for durability and reliability.

Mould Customisation

Quality Control

Our company prioritises quality control to ensure that each custom mould meets strict standards. We have a comprehensive quality management system that includes rigorous inspection and testing processes to ensure that the quality of each custom mould meets your requirements and industry standards. We aim to provide reliable custom moulds to meet your plastic bucket production needs.

Mould Customisation

Rich experience in custom molds

Our cooperation with customers in various industries has accumulated a wealth of experience in custom tooling that our customers highly appreciate. We have provided custom molds to customers in the food and beverage, chemical, medical and industrial sectors to help them achieve product customization and competitive advantage in the market.

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