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JIA TAI, as a professional supplier of Clear Bucket, is mainly used in packaging food & sports goods and other fields. We offer a diverse range of Clear Bucket styles to meet your needs.

Great variety of styles

bright & transparent

High impact resistance

Customisation options: color change, printing, size selection

JIA TAI clear bucket

At JIA TAI, we focus on your needs and provide clear buckets for pain points and scenarios. Whether in the food, agriculture, chemical, or any other industry, JIA TAI clear buckets offer you the ideal storage and packaging solution.

We look forward to providing you with high-quality, uniquely customized clear buckets that will make your brand stand out in the marketplace and achieve exceptional success.

JIA TAI Advantages of Clear Buckets

Excellent transparency
Excellent transparency

JIA TAI clear buckets offer superior transparency, allowing consumers to see the product inside the package at a glance.

High durability
High durability

JIA TAI clear buckets are carefully designed and manufactured for outstanding durability.

Environmentally friendly & recyclable

JIA TAI clear buckets are made of recyclable materials that meet environmental requirements and reflect ecological protection concerns.

Customised printing
Customized printing

JIA TAI offers personalized and customized printing, where customers can display brand logos, messages, and designs on clear buckets to highlight the brand’s characteristics.

Visual display effect

JIA TAI clear buckets are made from high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, designed to maximize transparency while maintaining original durability. We use high-quality translucent plastic materials to ensure that the openness of the bucket is at an optimal level so that the products inside can be seen at a glance.

Increased transparency helps improve the product’s visual appearance, attracting customers’ attention and enhancing the product’s appeal and sales opportunities. Clear buckets can make your product display more eye-catching, helping you win more customers and market share in a sporting goods shop or a supermarket.


Customised Printing Services

JIA TAI offers custom printing services to add personalized brand logos and messages to your clear buckets. With our professional printing team and advanced printing equipment, we can provide high-quality printing results according to your needs and designs.

You can print brand names, logos, product descriptions, barcodes, other info, patterns, and images on clear buckets to highlight your brand features and product benefits.

With custom printing, you can create unique clear buckets to enhance brand awareness, catch customers’ eyes and increase product sales. We are committed to providing our customers with satisfactory printing solutions to ensure your clear buckets are unique and distinctive.

Specialized service support

JIA TAI provides specialized service support; with our experienced team and professional technicians, we are committed to providing the best clear bucket solutions to our customers. No matter your unique needs or requirements, we can customize the design and production according to your requirements. We will listen carefully to your needs and provide professional advice to ensure you get the most suitable products. During the whole cooperation process, we will keep close communication with you and solve problems in time to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

We also provide fast and efficient delivery service to ensure you receive clear buckets in time to meet your business needs. We emphasize customer satisfaction and endeavor to provide quality products and excellent service. By choosing JIA TAI, you will receive full support from a specialized team, allowing you to use our clear buckets hassle-free manner and focus on developing your business.


Why choose JIA TAI clear buckets?


In today’s competitive market environment, choosing the right supplier for product packaging is crucial. JIA TAI clear buckets provide solutions to the pain point scenarios of various industries, thus highlighting their selling points:

  • Highlighting Product Awareness: The successful sale of many products depends on the consumer’s first impression of their appearance. JIA TAI’s clear buckets underline the product’s benefits by allowing consumers to visualize its quality and internal features with their outstanding transparency.
  • Personalized Printing: Brand logos and messages are essential to establishing a brand image. JIA TAI clear bucket provides personalized custom printing service to help customers display unique brand logos and notices on clear buckets, making the brand more prominent and distinctive.
  • Rich experience and professional team: With 16 years of experience in the packaging industry, JIA TAI has a professional team that can provide customers with personalized solutions and excellent customer service to help them better meet the challenges of the market.

If in doubt, contact our dedicated team!

Clear Buckets for Different Industries

Food industry
Food Industry

Clear buckets are commonly used for storing and packaging food products, such as cereals, confectionery, dried fruits, and honey. Its precise nature lets consumers see the food clearly, increasing attractiveness and trust.

sporting goods
Sporting Goods

Clear buckets are designed to allow customers to visualize the product and attract their attention and are often used in sporting goods shops or supermarkets to display and sell small sporting goods such as balls.

Coating industry
Coating Industry

Clear buckets are commonly used to store and transport paint products. As paints are usually in liquid or powder form, clear buckets allow the user to visualize the paint’s color, texture, and volume.

JIA TAI Reliable Clear Bucket Supplier
JIA TAI | Reliable Clear Bucket Supplier

JIA TAI, a reliable manufacturer of clear buckets in China, offers different styles from 1-33 liters and professional custom printing services to meet your needs.

  • “We have been choosing JIA TAI as our supplier of clear buckets; their product quality is very stable with excellent sealing performance, making our products more competitive in the market.”

    Olivia Davis
  • JIA TAI’s clear buckets are of reliable quality, and the customization option allows us to choose different sizes and styles of clear buckets according to our needs, which is very convenient and practical. Their service is also excellent and trustworthy.

    Siti Rahmah
  • “We needed durable clear buckets to store and display our products in the sporting goods sector, and JIA TAI provided high-quality clear buckets that met the demand and gave our products a professional look that consumers well received.”

    Antonio Cruz
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