Standard plastic bucket packaging in the washing industry

The plastic buckets usually used to contain laundry detergent are the 5-liter square buckets or 8-liter round buckets commonly used in the laundry industry. These buckets have a large capacity and excellent sealing performance, making them ideal for packaging and using powdered detergents like laundry.


5-Liter Square Bucket:
5-liter square buckets are a standard home and small commercial packaging capacity. It features easy stacking and storage, saves space, and is easy to transport and carry.

8-Liter Round Bucket:
The 8-liter round bucket is also one of the standard packaging capacities for laundry detergents. Designed for easy pouring and stirring, the round bucket helps to ensure that the laundry detergent is well-mixed and provides better washing results.

3 Liter Round Bucket:
A 3 Liter Round Bucket is a small package usually used for trial packs, travel packs, or small amounts of washing. It is portable and ideal for personal use.


These plastic buckets are packaged with the following advantages:

  • Easy-open lid design: the plastic buckets are equipped with easy-open lids that make opening and closing the container easier and more convenient. Without the need for additional tools or force, users can easily access the product, enhancing the experience and convenience.
  • Impact Resistant: These plastic buckets are made of high-quality polypropylene and other materials with excellent impact resistance. Even when subjected to external impacts during transportation or stacking, they remain stable and are not prone to deformation or rupture, protecting the integrity and safety of the product.
  • Customizable: JIA TAI, as a professional manufacturer of plastic buckets, offers diverse customization options. Customers can choose different colors, printing patterns, labels, etc., according to their needs to customize the unique packaging of their brand and enhance the brand image and recognition of their products.


JIA TAI, as a professional manufacturer of plastic buckets, offers a wide range of specifications and styles of plastic buckets and can customize the packaging of laundry detergent buckets with different capacities and shapes according to customer’s needs, ensuring the convenience and safety of the products in the process of packaging and use.

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